NeoBac – a biological activator for septic tanks and home sewage treatment plants

NeoBac BIOLOGICAL ACTIVATOR is an innovative biopreparation formula for the biodegradation of wastewater in septic tanks and home water treatment plants. Contains the composition of selected bacterial strains and enzymes that control and accelerate the natural process of decomposition in aerobic and anaerobic conditions.

The NeoBac Encapsulated Bacteria technology allows gradual release of bacteria that initiate the multiplication process, resulting in a constant, top biological activity in the system.

The effectiveness of the preparation in systems with irregular sewage disposal was also increased and the deteriorating effects of household chemicals were reduced.



How NeoBac works:

Reduction and liquefaction of sewage sludge
Regular use of NeoBac significantly reduces the amount of sediment by improving all stages of biological degradation. As a result of complex physical, physico-chemical and biological processes, the organic components of the sediment are converted to methane and carbon dioxide.
Reducing odors
One of the basic mechanisms of NeoBac biopreparation is to reduce odors by decomposing organic compounds and reducing the number of volatile fatty acids and hydrogen sulfide.
Decomposition of surface coatings
As a result of enzymatic treatment and complex biological processes, the formation of so-called surface coating is blocked. NeoBac improves fat degradation and accelerates the decomposition of toilet paper.
Accelerated sewage treatment cycle
The task of the NeoBac activator is to intensify, control and accelerate the natural processes in the sewage. Thanks to the bacterial-enzymatic formula NeoBac reduces the time of biological treatment and improves the physico-chemical parameters of waste water.
Maintenance of the proper interaction between the sewage and the soil
Biological treatment of sewage with the participation of NeoBac components allows to reduce the occurrence of colmatism and reduce the efficiency of drainage systems or lymph wells responsible for the discharge of contaminated sewage to the ground.

NeoBac degrades harmful substances, inhibits the growth of viruses and pathogenic bacteria while being completely safe to humans, animals and the environment.

neobac septic activator